MagiCut Weed & Shine Tool Straight Needle


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The new ‘Weed & Shine’ weeding tool, which is notable for its LED light. The built-in illumination first of all makes the process of weeding much easier and more importantly quicker. With the ever-growing number of customers using flex and similar products we wanted something that really helped the user whilst doing the most laborious part of the process. We found during our initial trials and market research with the Weed & Shine that tool above all it dramatically reduces labour time. Making both simple and intricate designs easier to weed therefore helping to increase productivity and reduce costs and user fatigue.

Weeding Tool with build-in LED Light. On/Off by turning the black rubber grip ring.
Long Life Battery included.



Use with MagiCut Heat Transfer Vinyl

The MagiCut® Heat Transfer Vinyl range. Perfect for application onto almost every type of workwear, leisurewear and textile. Use with traditional plotter/cutters and apply with a heat press. The process is clean, simple and affordable.

MagiCut® HTV makes short run production easy and profitable with the advantage of removing traditional screen and set-up costs. As a result make good profits from minimal investment.

Choose from over 200 different garment vinyls. Including flex, glitter, flock, nylon flex and fashion. Also fx range, paper, stretch flex, soft metallics and printable materials.

Perfect for the application of single and two colour logos, lettering, numbers and designs onto almost every type of textile.

First Heat Transfer Vinyls are cut using using Cutter Plotters and then applied using a heat press.

The process is clean, simple and affordable.