Heat Press – Swing Head Manual – 38cms x 50cms

Swing Head Manual Press – 38cms x 50cms

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Heat Press Swing Head Manual professional level  for all transfer operations. The swing head operation gives the perfect view of both transfer and garment positioning. Digital time, temperature controller and adjustable pressure. Includes 2 PTFE Sheets (Extra PTFE Sheets available). One year warranty, CE marked and certified according to Machinery Low Voltage EEC Directives. Available in 3 platen sizes.

A high quality, cast aluminium frame, technologically advanced manual heat press, ideal for most users. The swing head operation gives a perfect view of the transfer and garment allowing accurate and easy application, along with safety of operation. Fitted with a unique advanced computerised LED controller to accurately monitor both temperature and time settings. Pressure adjustment is by fingertip control. This press is suitable for both light and heavy pressure requirements.

The Heat Press Swing Head Beta Maxi comes equipped with our special Quick Release mechanism, allowing the simple and easy change of tables. Our detachable tables are available in various sizes and can be changed very quickly, without any fuss.

The Swing Head Manual Heat Press, measuring 38cm x 50cm, is a versatile and user-friendly solution for heat transfer applications. Its swing-away design allows the upper platen to move horizontally, providing easy access to the lower platen and ensuring precise positioning. With a spacious 38cm x 50cm platen, it accommodates various-sized substrates, making it ideal for customizing textiles, and flat surfaces. The manual operation grants users control over pressure, catering to different materials. This heat press is an efficient and reliable choice, suitable for both beginners and experienced operators in crafting, apparel decoration, and promotional product printing.

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