Base Table 15x15cm for Beta Maxi Quick Release

Base Table 15x15cm


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Heat Press Vinyl Platen

The Base Table Platen, measuring 15x15cm, is an essential accessory designed for use with the Beta Maxi Heat Press. Offering precision and efficiency in heat transfer applications. Its innovative Quick Release feature adds a layer of convenience, allowing for swift and hassle-free changes of platens during projects.

The 15x15cm dimensions of the Base Table Platen strike a balance between versatility and focused application. This size is particularly suitable for smaller substrates or detailed designs. Providing a compact yet ample surface area for precise heat transfer.

The Quick Release mechanism is a standout feature, enhancing the Beta Maxi’s adaptability. This functionality enables users to effortlessly switch between different platens, catering to diverse project requirements. Also the Quick Release ensures minimal downtime, optimising workflow and productivity.

The Heat Press Vinyl Base Table Platen maintains even heat distribution across its surface, contributing to consistent and reliable results. This is crucial for achieving high-quality transfers onto various materials, including fabrics, ceramics, and metals.

The Base Table Platen 15x15cm with Quick Release proves to be an invaluable tool. For those engaged in customised printing, crafting, or small-scale production. Its user-friendly design and the ability to swiftly adapt to different platens make it a versatile choice for individuals or businesses looking to enhance their heat transfer capabilities with the Beta Maxi Heat Press.

In summary, the Base Table Platen 15x15cm for the Beta Maxi Heat Press, equipped with Quick Release functionality, combines precision, adaptability, and efficiency. Whether working on intricate designs or switching between different platens for varied substrates, this accessory enhances the overall performance and usability of the Beta Maxi in the dynamic world of heat transfer applications.