Heat Press – Swing Head Manual – Deep Impact 38cm x 50cm

Swing Head Manual Press – Deep Impact 38cms x 50cms

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Heavy Equipment

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Heat Press Deep Impact
The Beta Maxi Deep Impact is a high quality, cast aluminium framed, technologically advanced manual heat press.

Use this machine for thicker items, it has a longer rear head post, that lifts the head

by approx. 25 mm (1 in) to allow for extra clearance when heat pressing onto thicker items.

The Beta Maxi Hi-Lift comes with a table that offers a detachable 25 mm block.

By removing the block the gap between the heat plate and table is increased, providing ‘Hi-Lift mode’ for pressing onto thicker items.

Switching pressing modes couldn’t be easier, with our special Quick Release mechanism,

providing for the change of tables and allowing the operator to rapidly change the use of the press within seconds.

We also supply optional detachable tables that are available in various sizes for both ‘Hi-Lift mode’ and ‘normal mode’ that can also be changed very quickly, and without any fuss.

The swing head operation gives a perfect view of the transfer and garment allowing accurate and easy application, along with safety of operation.

Fitted with a unique advanced computerised LED controller to accurately monitor both temperature and time settings.

Pressure adjustment is by fingertip control.

This Deep Impact press is suitable for both light and heavy pressure requirements.

Includes 2 PTFE Sheets (Extra PTFE Sheets available). One year warranty, CE marked and certified according to Machinery Low Voltage EEC Directives.