Umbrella Platen for Maxi

Umbrella Platen for Maxi

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21 x 38 cm umbrella Platen for the Adkins Beta Maxi Heat Press.

The Adkins Beta Maxi Heat Press is a versatile and efficient machine. Designed for transferring designs onto various substrates with precision and ease. One essential accessory for this heat press is the umbrella platen, sized at 21 x 38 cm. Which enhances its capabilities and extends its functionality.

The umbrella platen serves as a specialized attachment for the heat press, specifically crafted to accommodate larger printing areas. Its dimensions of 21 x 38 cm provide ample space for transferring designs onto larger garments. Such as hoodies, jackets, and oversized t-shirts. This broader coverage allows for more significant customisation options, catering to a broader range of customer preferences and market demands.

The primary function of the umbrella platen is to ensure uniform heat distribution across the entire printing area. Thereby facilitating high-quality transfers without any inconsistencies or imperfections. Its smooth surface and durable construction guarantee optimal performance and longevity, even under prolonged and intensive use.

Heat Press Platen

The umbrella platen is compatible with various heat transfer materials, including sublimation and heat transfer vinyl (HTV), offering versatility in design possibilities and application techniques. Whether printing intricate graphics, logos, or vibrant patterns, this accessory ensures vibrant and long-lasting results on a wide array of substrates.

Furthermore, the umbrella platen is designed for effortless installation and removal, allowing for quick and convenient interchangeability with other platens as needed. This versatility enables seamless transition between different printing projects and applications, enhancing workflow efficiency and productivity.

The umbrella platen measuring 21 x 38 cm is an indispensable accessory for the Adkins Beta Maxi Heat Press. Offering enhanced capabilities for transferring designs onto larger garments with precision, consistency, and efficiency. Its durable construction, compatibility with various heat transfer materials, and ease of use make it an essential tool for businesses and individuals engaged in heat transfer printing applications.