Graphtec CE7000-40 Cutter with Sensor

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Graphtec CE7000-40

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The Graphtec CE7000-40 is suitable for sheet or roll materials up to 560mm wide with a maximum cutting width of 375mm. Comes with an auto registration feature, USB interface, LCD display, 2MB buffer & 8 selected settings. The CE7000-40 is similar to the CE7000-60, but is not available with a stand and is limited to cutting 375mm wide on a max sheet/roll size of 560mm. Comes complete with Graphtec Pro Studio Software & plug-ins for CorelDraw and Illustrator.

Enhanced performance & specification at an unrivalled price point.
Features fast cutting speed of up to 1000mm/s and a cutting force of 450g.
Ease of use with enhanced media tracking capabilities.
ARMS 8.0 optical print and cut detection system.
Cut multiple pre-printed graphics without user input by using the latest barcode technology.
Includes high quality, easy to use, professional grade Graphtec Pro Studio software.