HTP123 Basic Heat Press – Platen Size 28cm x 38cm

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Heavy Equipment

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Heat Press Image Transfer

The HTP123 Basic Heat Transfer Press is the latest innovation in our range of professional heat presses. Space saving clam heat press. Compatible with all our toner transfer papers, HTV heat transfer vinyl, sublimation transfers and DTF direct to film transfers.

The unique design incorporates a printable area of 28 x 38cm with an accurate temperature range from as low as 80c to 220c. Together with the LCD digital controller and easy to adjust pressure adjustment the HTP123 Basic offers superb value and reliability as never seen before.

Complete with one year warranty on all parts and 10 year warranty on the cast aluminium heat platen. This  press conforms to all current legislation EN 60204-1/A1/AC 2010, EN 61000-6-2/4 and all Amendments up to EN 61000-3-13 EN ISO 12100 2010 EN 60204-1/A1/AC 2010, EN 61000-6-2/4.

Toner Transfer

Print a design with a laser printer onto transfer paper. Then use this heat press to image transfer the toner from the paper onto a substrate, fabrics, ceramic, or metal. Adjustable temperature and pressure settings are crucial for successful toner transfers. This heat press provides even heat distribution and consistent pressure.

Heat transfer vinyl
Cut a design from your chosen vinyl and then use this press to transfer the vinyl onto a fabric or apparel substrates.

involves printing a design onto sublimation paper using sublimation inks. The heat press then transfers the design onto polyester-coated items, like mugs, apparel, or hard surfaces. Accurate temperature control and high pressure are essential for sublimation.

Direct To Film
In DTF printing, an image is printed onto DTF film using a DTF printer. The heat press is then used to transfer the ink from the film directly onto the substrate. DTF requires a heat press with precise temperature control, adjustable pressure, and compatibility with the specific films used in the process.


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HTP123 Heat Transfer Press