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DTF Film Hot Peel

DTF Ultimate Hot Peel Film 600mm x 100m

Direct-to-Film (DTF) Transfer Printing

Welcome to Direct-to-Film (DTF) digital transfer printing technology. This exciting innovation is the process garment decorators have been waiting for. Water-based inks for light and dark garments with no pre-treatment, cutting or weeding required. Suitable for polyester, cotton, mixed and performance fabrics, pique, canvas, denim, leather and lots more.
The transfer prints offer outstanding wash durability and stretch properties.

DTF technology “Bridges the Gap” between DTG, screen printing and traditional transfer printing methods, each of which have their own limitations.

DTF helps to create and implement pro-active sales and marketing opportunities as never seen before.
Now users can meet market demands with quality and quick turnaround.

Use DTF Hot Peel Film to create your transfers. Also use a professional heat press.
DTF transfers are perfect for workwear, sportswear, fashion and promotional garments and products over many markets.

Durability & Cost per Transfer

DTF transfers offer vibrant colours, outstanding durability and have amazing stretch properties.

Furthermore the production process is simple. Print images and designs in mirror image face down with
C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W and W water-based pigment inks onto coated PET film and then “topped” with the white ink which remains tacky until the adhesive powder is applied and cured.

Produce up to 300 A3 transfers per day.

The finished transfers are ready to apply or you can store for up to a year before use.

Whilst we attempt to give guidance on cost per transfer it’s always been dependent on the image size, number of colours and what image you print. However, the installed DTFMagic RIP enables every job to be accurately costed prior to printing, whether it be one or multiple images. A good example is a 60mm full colour round logo would cost less than 5p each!


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