Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge GX7700 Cyan (High Capacity)

Sublimation High Capacity Cyan Ink Cartridge – 60ml capacity for Ricoh GXe7700N printers.

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Sublimation Ink Supplies

Sublimation High Capacity Cyan Ink Cartridges with a 60ml capacity for Ricoh GXe7700N printers.

An integral to the garment personalisation and decoration industry. These high-capacity cartridges contain specialised ink that undergoes sublimation. A process where the ink transitions from a solid to a gas when heated, bypassing the liquid phase. This allows the dye to embed deeply into polyester fabrics or polymer-coated materials. Ensuring vibrant, long-lasting colours that resist fading and wear.

The Ricoh GXe7700N printer, equipped with these 60ml cyan sublimation ink cartridges, excels in producing high-quality, customised garments. The sublimation process is particularly effective for printing on polyester coated fabrics and textiles, such as t-shirts, sportswear, and promotional items like bags and caps. Cyan ink is a fundamental component of the CMYK colour model, essential for creating a wide range of colours and achieving precise, vibrant designs.

High-capacity ink cartridges, like the 60ml cyan, are especially beneficial for commercial operations that require consistent and large-volume printing. They reduce the frequency of cartridge replacements, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. This is crucial for businesses that offer on-demand printing services and need to maintain high productivity levels.

Garment personalisation with Sublimation Ink Supplies enables the production of intricate, high-definition designs. This capability is vital for both individual customisation and commercial branding, allowing for the creation of detailed patterns and photographic images with high accuracy. The precision and reliability of the Ricoh GXe7700N printer ensure that even complex designs are reproduced.


Additionally, sublimation printing is noted for its eco-friendliness. The process does not use water, reducing wastewater production and eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. This makes it a more sustainable choice in the textile printing industry.

In conclusion, the 60ml Sublimation High Capacity Cyan Ink Cartridges for Ricoh GXe7700N printers provide significant advantages for garment personalisation and decoration. They enable the production of vibrant, durable, and detailed prints on a variety of fabrics and items, making them ideal for both personal and commercial customisation needs. This technology ensures high-quality, efficient, and sustainable printing solutions.