Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge GXe3300N/7700N Magenta

Sublimation Magenta Ink Cartridge – 29ml capacity for Ricoh GXe3300N & GXe7700N printers.

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Eco-Friendly Sublimation Ink

Sublimation Magenta Ink Cartridge designed for Ricoh GXe3300N and GX7700N printers, 29ml.

An essential tool in the garment personalisation and decoration industry. These cartridges contain specialised ink that, when heated, turns from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid, allowing the dye to penetrate polyester coated fabrics and textiles. This process ensures vibrant, long-lasting colours that are resistant to fading and wear.

The Ricoh GXe3300N and GX7700N printers, equipped with these 29ml magenta sublimation ink cartridges, are particularly good for creating high-quality, customised garments. The sublimation process is ideal for transferring images onto polyester coated items. This makes it a popular choice for producing custom t-shirts, sportswear, and promotional items such as bags and caps. The magenta ink is a crucial component in the CMYK colour model. Contributing to the creation of a wide spectrum of colours necessary for detailed and dynamic designs.

Garment personalisation with sublimation magenta ink allows for intricate and high-definition designs. Which are crucial for both individual customisation and commercial branding. The precision of the Ricoh printers ensures that even complex patterns and photographic images can be reproduced. This technology also supports on-demand printing, making it a versatile solution for small businesses and larger production environments alike.

Eco-Friendly Sublimation Ink – Additionally, sublimation printing is eco-friendly. Since it doesn’t use water in the dyeing process. It reduces wastewater and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, aligning with sustainable production practices.

Overall, the use of 29ml Sublimation Magenta Ink Cartridges in Ricoh GXe3300N and GX7700N printers offers significant advantages for garment personalisation and decoration. They provide a reliable means of producing vibrant, durable, and detailed prints on a variety of fabrics and items, catering to both personal and commercial customisation needs.