Sublimation Ricoh Cartridge GXe3300N/7700N Cyan

Sublimation Cyan Ink Cartridge – 29ml capacity for Ricoh GXe3300N & GXe7700N printers.

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Sublimation Ink UK – Ricoh Cartridge GXe3300N/7700N Cyan 29ml

Specifically designed for high-quality sublimation printing. A process widely used in garment personalisation and decoration. This cartridge is compatible with Ricoh’s GXe3300N and GXe7700N printers. Offering a reliable solution for producing vibrant and durable prints on various polyester coated substrates and fabrics.

The cyan sublimation ink in this cartridge delivers deep, rich cyans that are essential for creating sharp, detailed images and text. Sublimation ink undergoes a chemical process when heated. It transforms from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid state. This gas permeates the polyester fibers, resulting in prints that are embedded into the fabric, rather than resting on top. This method ensures that the prints are long-lasting and resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling.

Containing 29ml of ink, the cartridge provides a balance between capacity and ease of use. This volume is suitable for moderate to high-volume printing, ensuring that users can produce numerous items before needing a replacement. The capacity helps maintain workflow efficiency, crucial in a production environment.

The rich cyan ink produced by this cartridge is perfect for garment personalisation. Whether creating custom t-shirts, sportswear or promotional apparel, the ability to print detailed and vibrant cyan designs is essential. The ink’s compatibility with polyester fabrics makes it ideal for producing high-quality, professional-looking garments that stand out.


Designed for use with Ricoh’s GXe3300N and GXe7700N printers, this cartridge is easy to install, minimising downtime and ensuring smooth operation. The seamless compatibility ensures optimal performance, reducing the likelihood of printing errors and maintaining consistent print quality.

The Sublimation Ink UK – Ricoh Cartridge GXe3300N/7700N cyan 29ml is versatile and can be used for various sublimation printing applications beyond garment decoration. It is suitable for printing on mugs, phone cases, mouse mats, and other items, making it an excellent choice for businesses offering personalised products.

In summary, Sublimation Ink UK – Ricoh Cartridge GXe3300N/7700N Cyan 29ml is a crucial component for achieving high-quality, durable prints in garment personalisation and decoration. Its high-quality ink, suitable capacity, and compatibility with Ricoh printers make it an essential tool for producing professional and long-lasting sublimated products. Whether for custom apparel or other personalised items, this cartridge ensures vibrant, sharp, and reliable results.