DTF Anti-Static Film 450mm x 100m


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DTF Film

DTF Supplies – DTF Film – Direct To Film – DTFMagic 45 Film 45cm x 100m

DTFMagic 45

45cm DTF Desktop Printer

The DTFMagic45 is the latest desktop 45cm “2023” model printer featuring the latest in digital transfer technology. The 45cm wide film format offers production speeds in a compact footprint. Producing water-based heat seal film transfers this unique system combines the benefits and features of DTG, Print & Cut, Screen Printing and traditional transfer printing into one manageable product.

DTF Supplies DTF Film
The printed DTF transfers offer soft-feel vibrant images. With no requirement for pre-treatment or garment preparation regardless of what colour the fabric or garment is. The printer features the latest Epson original i3200 dual print head technology. Produces full colour transfers including white ink in a single pass faster than the many processes it replaces. Together with the fully automated finishing unit, which controls the curing of hot-melt powder to the transfers, it dramatically reduces the labour requirement enabling production capabilities up to eighteen linear metres per hour, 25% faster than previous models.

The print heads first lay down the colours as a blend of CMYK and then the second print head lays down the perfect amount of white ink on top of the colours with perfect alignment.

Both the DTFMagic45 and Pro60 models are profiled for Kodak Premium DTF Inks. These industry leading high-quality inks have OEKO-TEX certification and produce vibrant prints with excellent stretch and durability.