DTF Paper Roll 60cm x 100m

DTF Paper Roll 60cm x 100m


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DTF Paper Supplies UK – Roll 60cm x 100m

DTF Paper Roll 60cm x 50m

Transfers That Do Not Cost the Earth!

We are pleased to announce additions to our DTF Magic® portfolio with the introduction of a new environmentally friendly recycled DTF paper-based transfer option, the TRANSFER DT paper. This unique innovation improves the sustainability and certified eco credentials of this growing transfer technology. The developed surface coating offers a reduction of 67% less plastic than traditional PET transfers. Together with water-based inks and our new glycol free options makes this new transfer technology a significant benefit to the planet.

The TRANSFER DT paper is developed and manufactured by Felix Schoeller GmbH (suppliers to TheMagicTouch for over 30 years) in Germany. It offers high ink absorption, vivid colours and high transfer rates resulting in a softer feel and outstanding durability. The product with its matt receiver layer has many advantages including lower cost per transfer and the removal of any potential static issues. Also no oil residues, warm peel, lower curing times and temperature helping to reduce energy costs. The new paper is still sufficiently see-through for application positioning. The TRANSFER DT paper is available in 60cm width in 50m and 100m rolls.

However, not all DTF printers will be compatible with the new DTF Paper Supplies UK. Printer models without tension bars and heated platens may have issues as indeed could those using inks that are simply not compatible with this innovation. The existing and proven Kodak DTF inks deliver outstanding results alongside our new DTF Magic Premium “Glycol Free” inks.

DTF Paper Supplies UK

TheMagicTouch will continue to offer the existing DTF Magic HOT and COLD peel PET based DTF films for clients who prefer the PET film properties.

One fact to remember; DTF transfer printing will not replace all existing printing processes, it’s simply another great option. There remain applications to which other printing techniques are more suitable. Examples include designs or logos that require haptic features such as puff, flock, glitter, reflective and metallic/holographic effects where the existing processes and products remain the best option.

In addition to the new paper media, we highlight DTF ink as a critical factor of the DTF transfer process. The formulated water-based pigments are applied to the coated film or paper then after having adhesive powder applied is ready for application to a multiple of potential products and applications. High-quality inks are crucial for achieving exceptional colour vibrancy, detail, and durability.

Both Kodak and DTF Magic Premium inks offer a wide colour gamut ensuring strong colour vibrancy and intricate detail for all types of images and logos. Together with outstanding durability, wash-fastness and stretchability.

The new DTF Magic Premium DTF Inks are the most affordable available. Offering rich, deep colours for eye-catching designs, in addition, the white ink offers great opacity. Allowing for crisp details even on dark garments. The DTF Magic Premium DTF Inks are also OEKO-TEX certified and free from Ethylene Glycol. Making them a sustainable printing option. Compatible with both PET and paper-based transfer media.

TheMagicTouch commits to sustainability. Offering both inks and substrates with eco-friendly certification. Produce outstanding transfers without “Costing the Earth.”

For further details, samples or to arrange a demonstration contact – sales@themagictouch.co.uk or call us on 01582 671444